SharePoint Error: There are currently no approval tasks assigned to you

Sometimes you get this error "There are currently no approval tasks assigned to you" with SharePoint sites based on "Publishing site with workflow" template and usually your user have the all rights (Full Control) 


1- Make sure that you are using new user with any roles that you want Ex:Full control but it should be different than Farm Administrator (System Account) as we usually do this mistake in our development machine

2- The important part to allow your user to approve your content, it should be to add your User inside the SharePoint Approval Group


The SharePoint development best practice is you shouldn't use the Farm Administrator in you development machine or testing because this is not real case in production and according to the system account user role, he passed everything


Sharepoint 2010 Build Error: Failed to extract the cab file in the solution

As usual we faced some problems in SharePoint 2010 during building without more clarification or description to know what is the error message means?  so you have to investigate and search by yourself which part of the solution this problem? How to fix it?

but furthermore i am still like Microsoft :)

Error Message: Error occurred in deployment step 'Add Solution': Failed to extract the cab file in the solution.

This happen with me during deployment because there is image name in my layout folder contain brackets like "add(2).png" So you have to check if you have any files with special characters including brackets ' copy (2) filename ' and remove them.

Solution: To work around this problem, remove any parentheses in the names of SharePoint project items.

Here’s a list of some problems: